How do I create an account as a Local LIHEAP Administrating Agency?

To create an account as a local LIHEAP administrating agency, the State LIHEAP Administrating Agency is responsible for “creating” new Local Agencies, and sending an invitation to the first person at that agency.

If your local agency does not have an account on the Connector yet, reach out to your State LIHEAP Administrating Agency for an invitation to begin the process. After you receive the invitation, the process is simple and should be consistent with the sign-up process for other internet accounts you may already be familiar with.

The invitation email will look like the email below:

invite email

Clicking or copying and pasting the link into a web browser will take you to the Connector website, where you’ll enter your email, receive & input a 6-digit verification code, and add basic profile information such as your name and job title.

Be sure to click “sign up” and not, "sign in” if this is your first-time signing in.

sign up

If your organization already has an account on the Connector:

Adding Members

After the account for your organization has been created, the authorized representative can invite additional members/employees to create accounts. The sign-up process is the same after this point and requires information such as the new user’s name, email, and job title.

User Levels

There are different categories of user levels that authorized representatives can select for new member accounts. The authorized representative can select which user type they want their colleagues to have, which helps control user privileges. The three user levels are:

1. Authorized Representatives: This member type has the most privilege. They have full access to all household and organization level data uploaded from their organization on the Connector. Authorized representatives can add additional users from their organization, add new households, and can also edit information about the organization, such as organization name, website, phone number, and address. (all users).

2. Regular Members: Regular members cannot edit information about the organization but add households.

3. Observers Observers have view-only access to the account. They can view data about available households yet cannot make any changes to data or enrollments.

To invite additional members to your organization, from the dashboard, click “members”

LL member dashboard

Next, you can use the arrow on the right side of the button to select the member type.

LL member types

After selecting the member type, click "Create ______ Invite". You can enter the recipient's email (along with an optional message) and send them an email invitation, or, you can copy the link provided and send it to them via a different message service.

LL invitation

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