How to Include Optional Household Prioritization?

Household Weights

Household Weights

State LIHEAP Administrating Agencies have the option to assign weights to household characteristics to help ensure that households with the greatest need are connected to projects that offer the highest savings levels the soonest.

Households with many priority factors would then be connected to available subscriptions sooner. This option allows states to align their access priorities between the LIHEAP program and the Connector. To view or edit household weights, select “edit” from the State LIHEAP dashboard. All weights must add up to either 0% (if there are no weights included) or 100% across priority factors.

In this example, the state prioritizes older adult households for access to their energy assistance programs, and therefore wants to ensure that older adult households have priority to community solar subscriptions. To add this prioritization factor, the user sets the weight for “Older adult households >65” to 100%, and all others are set to 0%. This will result in households that are known to have older adults to be prioritized for enrollment in community solar subscriptions through the Connector. If multiple factors are a priority of the state LIHEAP administrating agency, those factors can receive equal or differing weights depending on the state’s priorities, summing up to 100%.

household weights

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