How can Subscription Managers create projects?

Subscription manager users can add projects as soon as they create their profile, however no projects will be reviewed by the state community solar program administrating agency until the agency has approved the organization to operate on the Connector. Once approved by the state agency for operation on the Connector, the state will then review each individual project to verify it meets the Connector requirements before it is made available to households on the Connector.

To create a project, from the Subscription Manager Dashboard, click “Projects”, then “Create New Project”

SM Dashboard

Next, you will fill in all the necessary information for your project to added to the Connector. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Address
  • Project operation number (from the state)
  • Utility Service
  • Total Capacity
  • Estimated Annual Generation
  • Percentage of total project capacity reserved for income verified households
  • Primary Contact
  • Estimated subscription size
  • Estimated savings range
  • Interconnection Agreement

Click “Save” when finished, then click “Submit”. The project will then be sent to the State Community Solar Administrating Agency, who will review the project information, notify you of any questions and/or revisions needed through the Conversation feature, and once they verify all information is correct, they can move forward and approve the project.

Submit button

While waiting for project approval, subscription managers can communicate with the State Community Solar Administrating agency via the Conversation feature. This feature allows the subscription manager to send messages directly to the state community solar administrating agency and vice versa.

Conversation portal

Once your project has been approved, you will be able to request households for enrollment and begin filling subscriptions. Depending on the state, this may require a compensation payment to support the Connector and compensate local LIHEAP administrating agencies who are conducting the stakeholder education and outreach during LIHEAP enrollment.

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