About the Local LIHEAP Administrating Agency User

Local LIHEAP administrating agencies are one of the four main user types on the Clean Energy Connector. This user consists of representatives from local LIHEAP administrating agencies, such as community action agencies, county offices, nonprofits, and others whom enroll households in LIHEAP. Their main role on the Connector includes the following:

**1. Share information about their state’s low-income community solar program and its benefits with households during LIHEAP enrollment, explain how the Connector can help them enroll in community solar, and obtain consent from interested households to add them to the Connector. **

**2. Upload household information to the Connector of those who opt-in to community solar and provide their consent to be contacted by a trusted, verified subscription manager to enroll in an available community solar subscription. **

After receiving an invitation from the State LIHEAP administrating agency, Local LIHEAP administrators will receive training and educational materials from their state to support community solar education. Households who want to participate will consent to securely sharing their information with a trusted subscription manager through the Connector. Once an organization is approved, additional users for that organization do not need to receive approval from the state to join.

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